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Welcome To Professional Accounting Training (PAT)

PAT is the brainchild of Accounting professionals who have been working in the professional workforce several years. From the experience of successfully running an accountancy service firm, PAT was established to help the business as well as students or fresh affiliates to ease their pressure  providing edge training to develop the skills , knowledge and work based experience.



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The PAT course we offer are delivered to our clients through well-experienced and qualified professional trainers from an East London based accounting farm who are into this field of accounting professionals workforce development from several years.we emphasize on easing your professional pressure through our skill development, knowledge and work based experience training.


PAT intends to forward a helping hand to the accountancy students and affiliates through the course, which specifically focuses on AAT, SAGE, Key Times, CAT and IRIS. With the scope of both learning and utilising, this course is highly productive and useful for the accountancy students. It also helps in developing expertise by those already working in the accounts department.


Through the PAT course we provide you with the relevant accounting work experience in London, along with skill development and enhancement that facilitates the achievement of a desired and successful career.


Computerised bookkeeping level 2, AAT level 2 accounting, practical accounting training, Key Time training, payroll training, Tax accounting training, finance training, CAT, SAGE and IRIS training are the vital components we provide to enhance and develop your work qualification.